Interactive Magical Experiences

Butterfly Encounters

Bounce My House Party Rentals is excited to present The Butterfly Encounters Habitat. This exciting adventure educates children about Butterflies, including the life cycles, migrations, and the crucial role of being a pollinator for our Mother Earth.

Walk through the habitat with netted windows so it can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. Children will have actual contact with free flying butterflies. They are able to hand feed them, learn about the butterflies and experience watching butterflies in an environment that is very unique surrounded by colorful nectar plants. All ages will enjoy this experience!


Magic Mirror Photo Booth

As children walk up to the full length Magical Mirror, voice guidance walks them through a one of a kind interactive photo op! The Mirror is perfect for Cluster Programs because unlike a typical photo booth, it is open concept (not enclosed) and gives children the freedom to interact and pose how they please. It shows children a reflection (so they know exactly how the photo will look), and also provides them with a range of great animations between photos, and different additions to the photos themselves. 

The best part? Our Mirror Photo Booth has tons of emojis and stickers to add to the photos, making each one fun and unique. The emojis can all be added simply by swiping their little fingers on the touch screen Mirror. At the end of the session, their creative artwork shows up on the physical copies of their photo (which are printed immediately). The Mirror Booth comes with a fun and friendly attendant, who will always be on hand to make sure everything is running smoothly. A truly one of a kind, magical experience!


Of Dragons & Wizards

Enter the world Of Dragons, Fairies, and Wizards, where friendship, time-travel quests, and epic adventures await. Children get to wield an actual wand and wave it to cast spells as the LED wizard’s house interacts depending on their spells. Each spell creates a different experience and uncovers a clue leading to the magic scroll! 

Cast magical spells, embark on time-travel quests, and battle with wizards. Unlock the vast knowledge of these mythical creatures to fuel your imagination and create your own amazing adventures!

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