Party planning is such a headache. When the big day finally comes along, you’re hit with fun last minute surprises. And when it’s all over, you get to clean up and wonder why you do this to yourself every year.

We know. We do it too. Which is why we make your rental experience totally stress free by giving you perks your own cousin Mike wouldn’t give you.

Here are 10 reasons why you should reserve now and stress later never.

1. We don’t make you pay for bad weather.

Waiting for the forecast to clear up before you book? Now you don’t have to! When you book with us, you have until 2 hours prior to your delivery time to cancel your rental due to rain, snow (yes snow), or heavy winds. This means that you can book that cool slide now without having to risk it being unavailable because you waited until closer to the party date.  Why should you have to pay for the forecast flukes, it’s not your fault Chicago weather is awesome!

2. Price is not an issue.

Not sure if you’re getting a good deal? We shopped around so you don’t have to! We evaluate the other guys’ pricing to make sure that you’re getting the best value when you book with us.

3. Our coupons apply IN ADDITION TO the sale price!

Join our Coupon to be the first to know about deals and giveaways! We won’t stop you from applying a coupon code just because something is on sale. More savings=More fun!

4. We don’t punish you for booking early.

Don’t you hate it when you plan ahead then get charged to make changes down the road? Not here! We’re all about stress free. If you’re not totally sure which weekend your event will fall on, we allow you to reschedule any time up until 2 weeks prior to the event date. This means that you can secure that awesome bounce house for your party that’s 3 months from now without having to worry about availability or rescheduling fees!

5. We’re the best (Seriously)!

That’s not just something we say. Checkout some of our reviews here and see all the awesome things your neighbors are saying about us (thank you!). We’re rated 5 stars on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, for our safety, affordability, cleanliness, responsiveness, reliability, and for being “Amazing”.

6. We’re more than licensed and insured.

When you bring someone to your home you have to make sure they’re legit. We take it a step further. Not only are we licensed and insured, we’re inspected annually by the state of Illinois AND we have an advanced safety certification from the national Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO).

7. We don’t charge for COI.

Need us to include an added insured on our insurance? We can do that and provide you with a custom certificate of insurance. Best of all, we won’t charge you like others do. Just send us the name of the required added insured and we’ll do the rest.

8. Our equipment is as C-L-E-A-N.

That should go without saying but we’re surprised at how many phone calls we get asking if they’re going to have to clean the equipment after we deliver. We don’t just deliver. We set up, make sure everything is clean, safe, and to your liking, then we explain all the safety instructions as we give you a tour of the equipment. We don’t leave until you’re satisfied.

9. Our stuff is unique and AWESOME!

We’ve traveled the country in search of unique, cool inflatables that really add that WOW factor to your event. That’s because we were bored with the same old same old everyone else had. So we custom made a bunch of stuff that won’t compare to anything else you’ve seen. Where else are you going to find unicorn and poop emoji bounce houses?!?

10. We won’t bail.

You would not believe the amount of phone calls we receive on Fridays and Saturdays from parents literally in tears because their bounce house guy didn’t show up or isn’t answering their phone calls. We try to help in those situations but we promise you’ll never have to go through that nightmare. Can you imagine a bunch of kids at your house with no entertainment?Book with us and you won’t have to. That’s because we use gold standard (pretty expensive) software to manage our inventory and make sure we’re never overbooked and always on time.


Need we say more? If you’ve already gotten a quote from us simply click the link in the email we sent you to complete your reservation. It only takes 25% down to hold the equipment for you, and full payment isn’t due until the day before your party.

Click here to get an instant quote. Or click here to view all of our cool stuff.

You can also call or text us at (708) 586-7360 if you have any questions.

See you soon!


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